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Updating a Classic

At Cornerstone Brushworks Our Craftsman love taking a timeless color match and bringing it in to the 21st century. This ranch style one-story stands as a prime example, as we always use top of the-line materials at a discounted price, by spending time where it counts prepping and sealing voids/water traps, and finally, our company policy always stands two-fold. #1 if its in the bucket, its not on the wall.We keep spraying till its gone and we never put less than 3 coats of body on "weathered" sides and sunny areas, and #2 Details matter!!. This means in certain cases we may need to take extra time painting things that would other-wise make our job appear, "less than lustrous". This is unacceptable and when feasible CSBW will provide this level of care as a courtesy to all of our customers.

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